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Árni was terrific on the stage, which was refreshing after the lack of presence in the preceding act, and the band had their moments (I loved the jew harp) although they could rehearse a little more. But who couldn’t?


Former FM Belfast frontman, Árni Vil, bewildered everyone at Bryggjan Brugghús last night as he made a careful incision in the fabric of reality and invited the rest of us to peak beyond the matrix.

Magnús Björn Ólafsson

Árni Vilhjálmsson is an established artist, musician and actor in Iceland. He was a member of the legendary electro party-band FM Belfast before he quit to focus on his solo career. Now he is preparing a new album under the name Árni Vil that will be released later this year.

Valur Grettisson

Lead singer, Arni Vilhjalmsson’s natural charisma and unorthodox style as a frontman compliment the track perfectly, keeping the band’s creative output mellow, quirky and captivating.

Michael Chapman

About Árni Vil

Árni Vilhjálmsson is a Gemini and a late bloomer. After spending a carefree decade singing and dancing in the breakneck party group FM Belfast, he finally took root and recorded his first solo project, Slightly Hungry. Árni now resides in Reykjavík, Iceland, where he regularly performs with the experimental theatre trio Kriðpleir, with which he has written and produced four stage plays and a radio drama.

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